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A story of times long gone by, tells us of the three-headed Morgul, who lives a secluded life in his kingdom. This Morgul is the cause of all the fears and nightmares of mankind. It is furthermore said, that in ancient times he was banished to an unknow n dimension by the hero Develon. Fear and sleepless nights disappeared out of the peoples lives. For some time now people have again been tormented by nightmares and suffer from a serious state of dread and fear. Hardly anybody dares to step a foot onto the streets at night and a dreadful fear that Morgul has returned to his kingdom is alive in the people's minds again. As the only man on earth whose courage has not yet deserted him, you are sent off, once again to free human kind from its burdon of fear. You have been armed with the latest weapons and technical equipment for this mission. Finding Morgul in his kingdom, and destroying him for once and for all.



Final sequence

!! Congratulations !!

You have liberated
this world
from the darkness
Light will now return
and everywhere
life will come back
over the ashes
of the past
This world was saved
but there are lots
of others which need
someone like you
to fight
against the evil
Some of us will win
some of us will loose
Only the strong
will survive
Some of us will fall
but if we don't stop it
together this time
there will be no hope
The evil never wins
if we believe in us

But now the warrior
needs to rest !

Concept & Gamedesign
Manfred Trenz

Program & Text
Manfred Trenz

All Graphics
Manfred Trenz

Sound Effects
Adam Bulka

Ramiro Vaca
Chris Huelsbeck
Oliver Blasnik

Copyright 1990 by

I hope you enjoyed
the game !

Greetings are going
to all people
who know me !

The End ....??