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- What was the cause of the name
- The game
- How to work the game
- The weapons
- The symbols - The display
- the secret
- Directory of disk

What was the cause of the name
The name comes frome the "Duesseldorfer telephonebook" (Germany).
It is a Italian with the name Turricano.
The story from the pizza shop, which the programmers have been eaten,
is from a magazine free fabricated. This story is well-known as the truth.


The game

In Turrican you will guide your hero through five different worlds, in which you will be confronted by various perils. Three of these worlds extend over three levels, the remaining two worlds over two levels. Ever changing enemies, will constantly try to destroy you. You will have to use your weapons skilfully in order to survive the varied levels. To aid you in your battle you may gather up further weapons and other extras on your way e.g forceshields and extra lives. Examine every level closely you will find new surprises and useful items everywhere.


How to work the game

General information: The game is played with joystick and keys. Owners of an Amiga may also use a joystick with two independent firebuttons. This is explained below.

Joystick up: Player jumps. If he is the gyroscope, he will transform back to normal again.
Joystick down: Player ducks away e.g from enemies.
Joystick down and space (For Amiga : Joystick down and 2nd firebutton): The player will transform into a gyroscope. While in this state the player is invincible and will destroy enemies on touch. The gyroscope spins automatically, and can only be directed to move left or right with the joystick. This shape also allows you to pass through narrow corridors. The player may transform into a gyroscope 3 times in each life.
Joystick left/right: Moves player left or right.

Pressing firebutton briefly: Player fires. If you have already collected the multiple shot or the laser, the according weapon will be used.

Joystick down while holding fire: The player activates a mine. The mine is placed on the ground and explodes shortly afterwards. Various enemies walking the ground can be dealt with in this manner.

Holding fire (For Amiga press 2nd firebutton): The player can activate a flash of lightning and may direct it (as long as FIRE is held), by moving the joystick right and left to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise. The lightning can take on different lengths. At the beginning of the game it stretches over half the width of the screen. By gathering up extras it can be made to stretch over the full width of the screen.

[ SPACE ] - (Amiga 2nd firebutton, too; Amstrad RETURN)
Activates two energy lines, moving right and left at the full height of the screen. All enemies in range will be destroyed. Though should an obstacle bar the way the line will be stooped.

[ F7 ] - (Amiga ALT or AMIGA; Amstrad ENTER)
The player throws a grenade. Hitting an obstacle or an eye-level-monster has the effect of a smartbomb, killing every enemy on the screen. Against other enemies it works like a shot with high penetration.

[ CTRL ] - (Amiga: P; press fire to continue)
Pause game

[ S ] - (Amiga only) Sound on/off


The weapons

Multiple shot: The multiple shot can be extended in up to two degrees by collecting the right symbols. In the first degree (basic equipment) the player fires 9 horizontal shots. In the second degree 3 salvos are fired simultaneously: 3 shots in a 30 degree angle upwards, 3 shots horizontally, and 3 shots in a 30 degree angle downwards. The third degree resembles the second, except that the angle changes to 45 degrees.
Laser: The laser fires horizontally, and can be extended by gathering up the corresponding symbols. Its length extends from an eighth to half of the width of the screen. The laser has a high penetration rate, making it very effective when fighting against several enemies simultaneously.


The symbols

Activates multiple shot, if already active it will be extended.
Activates laser, if already active will be extended.
Extends lightning
Activates force shield, making the player invincible duration
Recharges vitality
The player gains a grenade
The player gains a mine
The player gains an energy line
The player gains a life
Once the player has gathered up 300 diamonds, he receives another 'CONTINUE'


The display

Lives Conti- Time Dia- Grenades Mines Energy- Score
nues monds linies


The secret

Manfred Trenz has put a message in the machinecode from Turrican. Load the game to the title and go with a program to the address"I 8F00" and you can read the message.
Hi Folks, the maniac is back !!! One question: Why do you want to crack this proggy ??? Can you imagine how much work I did to make a game like this ??? Here some informations about: Starting time 01.02.1989 (Oh yes) All the ideas, gamedesign, alienroutines, graphics, playbility, technical problems and much more took a lot of time and was very often nerve-racking! Echt aetzend you would say . . .
Sometimes I worked more then 14 hours a day, only interrupted by essential things like food, coke and MTV. I made this game not only for to earn money but nevertheless I'm sure you agree with me, that I want to earn for my work. So do me a favour and don't crack and spread this game !! If you have any questions call: 0211/5280-0 Bye now and think about! PS.: Do you know what a GROELAZ is ?? You better do not !




(Attention: Please don't call the telephonenumber!)


Directory of disk

Side A Inhalt der Diskettenseite A


Side B Inhalt der Diskettenseite B