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The timedate is 3025.

For decades peace, freedom, and the rule of law in galaxy Cobra 2 have been enforced by the United Planets Freedom Forces (UPFF). This is the United Planets Ship Avalon 1 drifting through the outer reaches of the known universe.



Col. Ardon C. Striker and his crew are preparing for the final passage through the barrier of the galaxy. "Men, we are about to transcend the finite worlds of our galaxy. We will shortly be stepping over the edge into unknown dimensions of infinity.
I know we all have our fears, however, we are the only members of the UPFF that have a chance of completing the mission. We are the best there is." "But sir, there are rumours that similar missions have been executed in the past and nothing has ever been heard of the crews again." "What you have heard is only gossip. Nothing can stop us this time. Our ship has modifications that were only dreamed of a short time ago."



Suddenly, in less than a nano-second, a huge battlecruiser materializes in close proximity of the Avalon 1! "General Quarters, general quarters." Men hurry to take up their battle stations amid the sounding of the alert
sirens. The automated defence systems of the ship activate, the anti-radiation shields surround the ship and finally the weapon systems are armed. Somehow, with some unknown technology, the enemy battlecruiser, with a flash of blinding light, neutralizes every defence system on the Avalon 1.

Col. Striker and his crew are helpless !



A nerve-shattering low frequency hum vibrates through their bodies. The crew look on as the outer skin on the airlock peels back, revealing a glowing metal surface. The composite structure turns from a deeper, to light-red, to white-hot yellow.



The sound of an explosion fills the air as the airlock disintegrates before their very eyes.



Mutants pour through, invading their sanctuary, bringing with them the evil clutches of darkness.



Our heros fight desperately to save their ship, blazing away with their phasers. Dozens of the invaders fall to the swathing beams of death. The invaders press forward their attack and the crew of the Avalon 1 desperately engage them in hand-to-hand fighting. Bren Mc Guire, with tears in his eyes, fires the last of his phaser bolts, downing a mutant and dives to the ground as a chunk of structure falls from above.



Suddenly there is silence as the evil emperor known as "The Machine", half man half robot, enters the airlock. "Be away with you," he commands his mutants, now drunk on their victory. "back to the battle cruiser." The Machine surveys the carnage, steps forward and comes to halt with one foot on the prone body of Bren Mc Guire. "Excellent", he says to himself, "the crew of Avalon 1 are no more." Then, without any further hesitation he turns and leaves the ship.

Bren Mc Guire lays still until he is certain that he is alone on the ravaged ship. Now he realizes that he and only he is left to combat the evil of the invaders and restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. Up he gets and hurries to the equipment room. There, Bren sights the new Turrican fighting suits, which are built of the most advanced technology known to mankind.



Climbing into the suit, one last cry is heard: