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Megamove II (Demo)
Megamove II Megamove II ist eine kleine Demo die Manfred Trenz 1986 veröffentlichte. Sie fand sogar den Weg in das 64'er Magazin. In der Demo sieht man einen Sternenhimmel über den ein kleines und ein großes Raumschiff fliegen.

Katakis Development System (Programm)
Katakis Development System Mit diesem Programm kann man Sprites animieren. Manfred hat es für die Entwicklung von Katakis eingesetzt. Daher auch der Name des Programmes.

Digital Madness (Demo)
Digital Madness In dieser Demo kündigt Manfred Trenz u.a. Turrican an.
Hier der original Text aus der Demo:

Germany's Elite
Digital Madness

Good morning Vietnam, this time we present you a demo,
which was coded in a hurry on that super cool P.D.S. (Programmers Development System)
by the mega-brain who also coded Katakis and R-Type (In 6 weeks !!!) on the 64.
It's the official Disco-Party Demo for Radwar Demo competition.
Important Note: Have you ever heard from that mega cool tool C.O.P.-Shocker, eh ?
No, than listen.
If you will use C.O.P-Shocker to copy & code all your 'cracked' games on your disks,
than nobody will find or see them on the disk.
They are coded with your own code-lock and you are the only one who is able to load and run the proggy (2.8 Billion possibilities to decode them).
But the best is, you can still decode and spread the games !!! Fuck of you bloddy cops, bulls, police-men, etc. - you will never catch us !
We are using C.O.P.-Shocker from Digital Marketing, the best utility of 1989.
Get it, and all you freaks in Germany can sleep well again.
We aren't afraid of no cops! Cop-Shocker !!!

Yep ! Yep ! Here it is - Welcome to the first blasting Demo of "Digital Madness"
Afer writing Katakis (Yes its me !) and R-Type (blaeh !) I thought now is the time to write a
little demo coz its fun and takes only some few days to create !
Next week (01-20-1989) I start to write my new megalo-game on the 64 (and of course on Amiga)
which will be much more better then Katakis with effects you have never seen before and
neverending action !!!
This game will contain more then 10 levels of a size of 1024 x 1024 characters - - -
Big colorful and flickerfree masteraliens - - -
Megageile extraweapons - - -
A piece of Strategie and of course a lot of fun !!!
## OK ##
Lets come to the last Radwar-Party without compters - aeh computers of course
First some words about this strange WDR-Interview
I thougt they will ask us about Katakis - But what did this funny guy only ask ???
Shitty noninteresting toute de frittes *?
Well no comment !!*# !!:
But all in all it was big fun !!
Markus Wiederstein as Transi - Wer haette das gedacht !
I met a lot of great guys and got some new contacts
Well - Lets hope the next party will be as same as good !!!
Ata ata hoglo hulu blaeh #
I think now iz the time to send some greetings to :
Digital Marketing (Hello Markus) -
FAME (I got it - Have thanks) -
GG -
AV -
Wild Copper -
Megaforce -
Boys Without Brains -
Maniacs of Noise -
and all that freaks who are not lame !!!
Euh !
And now some big fuckings to some lamers who never never never never never be able to crack a proggy -
Thiz suckers - Thiz faggots - Thiz assholes and BASIC writers **********
Fuckings to : ** The brains ** ausem Saarland !!!
Make a good crack or stay lame and die !**!
##* Blast#m and beat#m *##
Spread me - I want to travel !!
So - Lets have something to drink
- - - - -
** Ok ** Back again Here we are Nothing more to say -
Lets follow the credits :
Idea and coding by Manfred Trenz (Digital Madness)
Balls calculated by Ingo Frick
Originalmuzak by Wild Copper -
Konverted by Extermer and played on Chris Huelsbecks TFMX
Font by someone ! - Who cares ?
Now its 06:46:13 in the morning and I think its time to finish all disk activity
and select cancel to reset
See ya !!!!!!! ** ######
ICI Wild !
Laurent tete de noeud ! - ## Et une toute P#tite queue !!
- - - - - - - -

Turrican Demolevel (Preview)
Turrican Preview Turrican Preview von der Radwar Party 1989. Mit ein paar Infos von Manfred als Scrolltext. Außerdem kann man das Level 1-2 von Turrican spielen um sich einen ersten Eindruck von den Spiel holen.
Hier der original Text aus dem Preview:


- Turrican -
Just released as an invitation to the Radwar-Party V4 in Heinsberg !
But at first thanks to Manfred Trenz for this preview !
For further informations about the Radwar Party write to the German Software House
- Digital Marketing - Krefelderstr. 16 - 5142 Hueckelhoven 2 - West Germany ....
Don't miss the party !!!!

*** Rainow Arts presents: ***
Coded and designed by Manfred Trenz in 1989
If you are wondering about the name, well, it was the name I gave this game when I started coding.
Then some people came and said: Oh no! It must be called Hurrican!
Ok, I said and changed the titlepic on Amiga and the C64.
After some months they came again and said: We think it might be better to call it Turrican again!
No comment
All graphix done by Manfred Trenz ***
Cool Muzak by Ramiro Vaca ***
Special FX by Adam Bulka ***
In game press CRTL for pause, arrow left to restart level and Run-Stop for reset ***
Press fire on joystick in port 2 to start ***
Greetings are going to:
All people of Rainbow Arts and Golden Goblins, especially Chris Huelsbeck * Axel Hellwig *
Teut Weidemann * Heiko Schroeder and Celal Kandemiroglu *
Also greetings to:
Gunnar Marx * Alexander Ernst * Markus Wiederstein * Mario van Zeist * Kurt Weisskopf *
Peter Thierolf * Zolli and his friends * and of course Matthias Fichtner (Uncle Sam) of the 64-Magazine!
Enjoy the demo and spread it like hell!

Funpaint II (Programm)
Funpaint2 TitleFunpaint II ist ein kleines Grafikprogramm,
welches von Manfred Trenz 1991 unter dem Pseudonym
Mattias Kranz veröffentlicht wurde.

Im Maschinencode hat er wieder eine kleine Nachricht für uns hinterlassen.
Funpaint2 Secret